Astrological Analysis: Kanye West

“Wake up, Mr. West. Mr. West. Mr. Fresh. Mr by-himself-he-so-impressed”

Introducing our next subject of an Astrological Analysis: Kanye West. To kick off Gemini season, I thought it’d be interesting to take an deep dive into the natal chart of possibly the most famously infamous Gemini’s there is. Whether you hate him, love him, or are scared of him: Kanye West has been influencing and dominating the rap game since the mid-’90’s. Through the glory of Gold Digger, to the interrupted VMA speech that was seen by the world; there is a side to Kanye West that can only been seen through an examined astrological sense. Who really is The College Dropout according to the stars?

For reference, I will only be using for a visual representation of a subject’s illustrated natal chart and exact planetary degrees, and the book, The Only Astrology Book You’ll Ever Need by Joanna Martine Woolfolk. All other judgments or opinions stated will be made by my own experience and previous astrological knowledge. As we look at each subject’s chart together, I’ll be introducing all planetary placements, dissecting the major 6 placements (Sun, Moon, Ascendant, Mercury, Mars, Venus), and connecting a few major aspects. As my ability to read astrological charts grows, I’ll be more willing to expand the subject matter, as this will only be scratching the surface of a full reading.

Note: I will not be trying to diagnose, comment, or give an opinion on Kanye West’s mental health status or issues. This astrological analysis is meant as an entertaining interpretation, and a teaching tool for astrology. I am asking no one direct hate at myself or Kanye West.

Introduction: Kanye West. The King of Modern Rap. Ye. Yeezy. Yeezus. Ex-Mr.Kardashian. 21-Time Grammy Winner. Future Mr. President? Credited as one of the most influential men in the rap game. With albums like, Graduation, Yeezus, and The Life of Pablo, Kanye West is an artist, entrepreneur, and A-list celebrity with a list of redemption and controversies.

Time & Place of Birth: June 8th, 1977 at 8:45 AM in Atlanta, GA

Astrological Placements and Degrees (Astro-Charts):

Sun in 17° 43′ Gemini 

Moon in 18° 9′ Pisces 

 Mercury in 26° 29′ Taurus 

Venus in 2° 9′ Taurus 

Mars in 1° 53′ Taurus 

Jupiter in 14° 38′ Gemini 

Saturn in 12° 48′ Leo 

Uranus in 8° 16′ Scorpio (r)

Neptune in 14° 41′ Sagittarius (r)

Pluto in 11° 26′ Libra (r)

North Node in 21° 28′ Libra (r)

Chiron in 4° 10′ Taurus 

Ascendant in Cancer

Dissecting the Big 6

Sun in Gemini: “Gemini people do not sit back and watch the scenery go by. As a Gemini, you are endlessly curious about everything and must be part of the busy passing scene. If all the world’s a stage, Gemini must be the actor of the stage.” (The Only Astrology Book You’ll Ever Need, Joanna Martine Woolfolk, pg. 19). Though, don’t get it twisted – you may think that’s the role of a Leo Sun, however, there’s so much more than meets the eye to a Gemini Sun. Being an air sign with a mutable quality does not diminish the impact and intensity possessed by this Mercury-ruled sign. Gemini’s are recognized as thinkers, speakers, and observers. Joanna Martine Woolfolk even lists the United States of America as being a Gemini – if that will help your understanding at all.

Unlike Leo, who wants to be the only star, Gemini wants to play all the parts- and be the director, the producer, and the stagehand“( The Only Astrology Book You’ll Ever Need, Joanna Martine Woolfolk, pg. 19). I have to agree with Joanna Martine Woolfolk with that statement: it’s a Gemini’s world, and we’re just living in it. Other notable Gemini suns include Donald Trump, Marilyn Monroe, John F. Kennedy, and Angelina Jolie. There’s a natural inquisitive pull surrounding curiosity, intellect, and psychology. In this regard, Gemini Suns remind me of their other air sign counterpart: Aquarius. Similar to Aquarius, Gemini’s tend to lead an observational role in regard to trying to understand those around them. Unlike Aquarius, whose notable best attribute could be considered their friendliness, Gemini’s can come across curt, blunt, and honest – never stressing too much about the impact it has on others.

A similarity between Kanye’s birth chart and mine, is that our Sun Sign both lands in the 12th House. Joanna Martine Woolfolk describes the 12th House as, “This is the House of Secrets, Sorrows, and Self-Undoing. It is the most mystical of all the Houses, the final House, the end of the circle… This House governs disappointment, accidents, trouble, and self-defeat.“( The Only Astrology Book You’ll Ever Need, Joanna Martine Woolfolk, pg. 297). With this in mind, and considering the Sun sign read through the Gemini lens, backs the idea that at heart, Kanye West is a nervous intellectual with a curiosity for the game of life itself. Kanye’s mind, psyche, and charm are not only his biggest attributes, but serves as his undoing force as well; a double edged sword. The honest Gemini bluntness is what inspires his art, invokes anger in others, and shines through Mercury ruled one-on-one relationships. In my opinion, this adds to the thought that Kanye West is much more insightful than he may be given credit for. Lastly, a big note to make, is within Kanye’s natal chart, his Gemini Sun is in more aspects (connections – good, bad, or ugly) than any other planet in his chart. Kanye’s Gemini Sun is in constant communication with the rest of his chart.

Moon in Pisces: I could understand why some people would assume Kanye’s Moon sign would be a fire or air sign – considering a combative public persona. However, a Pisces Moon adds a level of emotional vulnerability that could be overlooked. If you listen to Kanye’s music: this may not be a surprise for you. Hand in hand with a Gemini sun, known for communication, Kanye West holds intuition and sensitivity, with a gift to express it. “Gifted with vision and imagination, you express yourself well in creative areas. It is through the senses and emotions rather than intellect that you perceive things. You are extraordinarily intuitive and sometimes are gifted with psychic vision; you seem to be able to strip away the veil that separates the real world from the spiritual world, and to know things that others cannot comprehend.” ( The Only Astrology Book You’ll Ever Need, Joanna Martine Woolfolk, pg. 218). In the last few years, Kanye has brought this part of himself and the spiritual world to the forefront of his endeavors, considering his Christian album, Jesus is King, and his spiritual work with Sunday Service.

Known for being daydreamers and hopeless optimists, this aligns perfectly with the narrative of Kanye vs. The World. “A peculiar danger for anyone with this Moon position is that the impressions received from the outside world will not accurately reflect the world as it is. Instead, they are filtered through an intense romanticism. Your instant reaction to stimuli is to interpret things as you would like them to be rather than as they are. You wear the reality-distorting glasses of the incurable optimist, the dreamer, the poet.” ( The Only Astrology Book You’ll Ever Need, Joanna Martine Woolfolk, pg. 218). With this undeniable hopefulness, Kanye creates his own success through almost a “perception is reality” mindset. He has struck artistic gold when this energy is focused and followed through with. On the other hand, there’s a fake sense of dreaminess – one might call delusion – for instance, believing they may have fantastical albums (they never released), or expecting to be elected President of the United States, far after typical campaigns have started.

Landing in the 9th House, known for Mental and Physical Travel, his Pisces Moon also Squares his Gemini Sun in the 12th House. Considered a less than harmonious aspect, Joanna Martine Woolfolk considers this, “Inner conflicts about self, insecurity. Actions are contradictory. Emotionally oversensitive.”( The Only Astrology Book You’ll Ever Need, Joanna Martine Woolfolk, pg. 354)

Ascendant in Cancer: Yet again, another Water sign in Kanye’s Big 6. Kanye’s public mask is being filtered through the sensitive, intuitive, and cardinal sign of Cancer. In my personal experience, I tend to find Cancer Ascendants reserved with boundaries, but holding an abundance of kindness – sometimes, desperate to be considered “the nice guy”. I often find some Cancer Risings to be a little presumptuous at times – for instance, if you tell them you may be having a bad day, they jump to the conclusion that it’s because of them.

“Cancer-Rising people tend to moodiness, and others may not always find you in receptive frame of mind. Sometimes you can be crabby and impatient and exhibit a snappish temper. You are touchy, and others have to be careful of what they say lest they hurt your feelings. Your sensitivities are so heightened that you sometimes take offense where none was intended.” ( The Only Astrology Book You’ll Ever Need, Joanna Martine Woolfolk, pg. 227) Also understanding how Cancer placements can tend to resort to a victim complex, I’m making the bold assumption that Kanye feels his public perception is unfair, hopeless at times, and unforgiving. When public controversy happens, I can imagine (and apply to real life situations) Kanye takes a passive approach after the damage has been done, doing what Cancer’s do best: ignore the situation or hide.

Mercury in Taurus: The next 3 placements of Kanye’s all land in the same place: Taurus. Though Mercury, Mars, and Venus all rules different aspects in an astrological chart, they’re being seen through the same lens for Kanye. With Mercury being associated with communication style, intelligence, and perception (with it’s home ruler in Gemini), Kanye’s style is described as more bullish and grounded.

“You have an excellent memory and are a good observer, but you are apt to listen inattentively; since you’re not about to change your mind, why listen to what someone else has to say?” ( The Only Astrology Book You’ll Ever Need, Joanna Martine Woolfolk, pg. 242). With this in mind, I almost imagine a large sleeping bull, protecting the sensitive Cancer Ascendant and Pisces Moon from being hurt by others. The Taurus Mercury is a stubborn, fixed, and protective way to communicate. Another quote from Joanna Martine Woolfolk about Taurus Mercury that relates to Kanye is: “You also have a tendency to repeat yourself, to state what you’ve just said over again in different terms, usually to make sure everyone has gotten the point.”( The Only Astrology Book You’ll Ever Need, Joanna Martine Woolfolk, pg. 242) If you’ve seen Kanye West in any interview or speech setting, you know he has a repetitive speech style to emphasize his passion, and attempt to communicate clearly- which often gets misinterpreted by the public as neurotic.

Kanye’s Taurus Mercury lands in his 11th House, considered the House of Friends, Hopes, and Wishes. “This House governs your involvement with groups, and organizations that have to do with your work, profession, or family.” ( The Only Astrology Book You’ll Ever Need, Joanna Martine Woolfolk, pg. 297). Taurus’ are known for luxury, the finer things, and comfort. This placement reminds me of Kanye’s fashion line, Yeezy – looking at those sweats and shoes; you can’t tell me those weren’t inspired by Taurus energy.

Mars in Taurus: Mars is associated with action, aggression, work ethic and even sex. For Kanye West, this means “slow and steady wins the race“. Reminding me of albums fans waited for and never saw, or release dates pushed back years: Kanye is not unambitious, he’s simply just not ready at times when he has been expected to be. Taurus placements move at their own cautious and grounded timing, and cannot be enticed to go faster. Paired with this Earth signs connection to luxury and attractiveness, Kanye’s drive is focused on expensive items, and glamorous lovers. “Success to you means money, material possessions, and true love. A great deal of your energy is spent in sexual pursuits; your passions are earthly and voluptuous.” ( The Only Astrology Book You’ll Ever Need, Joanna Martine Woolfolk, pg. 254). Known for being possessive, this placement could indicate an overbearing presence in romantic relationships, and a desire for overspending.

Kanye’s Taurus in Mars sits in his 10th House, considered as the House of Career and Public Standing. Not only does the 10th House reflect public reputation, but centers around aspiration, and material attainment. With the luxury-loving Taurus placement in the 10th House, this paints an image of great wealth, bigger spending, and emotion coming through in the form of temper tantrums.

Venus in Taurus: Kanye’s Venus is in a comfortable and home-like sign: Taurus. Much like our last Astrological Analysis subject, Lana Del Rey, Venus in Taurus people love the comfort of love, the thrill of sex, and luxurious affection. “You are very demonstrative and generous toward a lover, sometimes too much. Your passion can be smothering; you have an all-consuming need to make a lover belong to you.” ( The Only Astrology Book You’ll Ever Need, Joanna Martine Woolfolk, pg. 248) You can’t tell me I’m not the only one who immediately thought of the party in which Kanye commissioned someone to make a holographic CGI of Rob Kardashian for Kim, right? Absolutely sweet – but, could probably be considered demonstrative.

Not surprising to anyone, Kanye’s Venus in Taurus is sitting pretty alongside his Mars in Taurus in the 10th House, indicating a relationship with reputation, community, and status. With a deeper look, there is a Conjunct between his Taurus Venus and Taurus Mars, a relationship described as, “A sensuous personality. Optimistic outlook. Good balance between charm and aggression.”( The Only Astrology Book You’ll Ever Need, Joanna Martine Woolfolk, pg. 357)

Conclusion: I was pleasantly surprised at how Water/Earth dominant Kanye’s chart is – along with the connections he has with Lunar representation. Kanye West will continue to be an enigma of a personality, even after a look at his natal chart.

Who should be the next subject of our Astrological Analysis?

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  1. Wow…very well done! Gemini (would have thought Aries or some Aries) Sun, Pisces Moon, Cancer Rising and triple Taurus…kind of explains everything! Your stuff is always fascinating…whether you love him or you hate him, Kayne has definitely made his mark his way! Fun!!!

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