The garden gate – Introduction

Welcome to my digital terrace!

For our formal introduction, I’d like to get back to the basics and let you in on the five W’s – who, what, why, where and when.

Who: I’m Julia Mae. I’m 25 years old, living in Denver, Colorado & originally from Wisconsin.

For my zodiac signs: Sun, Mercury & Venus Cancer. Moon – Taurus. Ascendant Leo. Neptune & Uranus Capricorn. Saturn Pisces. PlutoScorpio. Jupiter Sagittarius.

Education: Bachelor of Arts – Theatre Performance & Arts Administration from the University of Wisconsin – La Crosse. Master of Arts – Communication Management (Public Relations) from the University of Denver [starting in September 2021]

What inspires me: art, coffee shops, Lana Del Rey & Taylor Swift, watching plants grow, my therapist, self care, photography, journaling, new projects, my loving sister, a long bath, and inner-growth.

Nashville, TN – 2020

What: A lifestyle blog. A blog for the timid turned confident warriors who treasure their garden of self care, introspection and connection.

Columns I’ll be writing about: Etsy shops and items you need to know about, house plant progress, post therapy reflections, Goodwill hauls, self care tips, a guide for trying new hobbies and projects, nature photography, astrology and so much more!

UW-La Crosse campus – 2014

Why: On a personal note – I want to share my wins, failures and everything in between because frankly, I’ve been too scared to do it before. My goal is to inspire anyone looking for strength to start their next chapter, weed out the toxic roots from their personal garden and promote a culture balanced between self-care and empowerment.

Where: You can find all content through this website – and feel free to follow all social medias listed in my About Me section.

When: To start, I will be publishing two blog posts a week – every Sunday afternoon and Thursday evening.

I’m happy you’re here!

Nashville, TN – 2020

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